Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lots of New Features

It has been a productive couple of weeks for LANDSCAPE as we enter the final stretch before the official launch. Feedback from some local land trusts and a municipality excited about using LANDSCAPE has generated some positive developments.

In no particular order:

  1. Edit History. Each major activity (Project, Acquisition, Stewardship, etc.) has an edit history that logs the last 10 edits made, when they were made, and who made them.
  2. Email Alerts. Alerts are now emailed to you directly. You can change your preferences for what alerts are emailed and when in your user profile. Links within the emails will take you to the activity that generated the alert.
  3. Bulk Import of Tract Boundaries. You can now import one shapefile with all your Tract boundaries at once! Make sure you have a field in your shapefile called 'TractId' and that it corresponds to the External Id of an existing Tract and voila! 
  4. Interactive Maps for Site Assessments. Site assessments in Acquisitions now have mapping data which can include routes of travel, points and areas of interest.
  5. Management Summary Report. Stewardships now have a built-in Management Summary report that shows the status of current management projects and activities.
  6. Big Maps! You can now expand maps to the full screen for more detailed editing and viewing. You can also get a print-friendly view of a map to make it fit better on a printed page.
  7. Added Custom Labels For Map Markers. The label on markers is now settable separately from the name of the Point of Interest.
  8. Tax Id Numbers in Tracts. Tracts can now have one or more Tax Id numbers.
  9. Subscription Management. You can now edit your subscription information, change payment methods, choose plans, and see your billing history.
And more...

Let the countdown to launch begin!