Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New Features: Project Views and Search Everywhere

The simple list of Projects that you used to see when you clicked the Projects tab has been greatly enhanced with new Project Views. Project Views are custom lists of the Projects and Project Components in your account based on a query and a set of fields you want to display.

There is one built-in View called "All Projects." It is basically the list you are used to seeing when you click on the Projects tab. This view can't be edited, but you can create new Views for the things you most want to see. Views you create are stored in your user profile and aren't currently available to other users in your account.

Here's an article in the Knowledge Base that describes adding a new view.

Adding a view is identical to using the existing Reporting feature.

Project Views now provide the basic interface for bulk actions on selected items. For example, in Project-related views (like "All Projects"), you can select one or more projects from the list and using the Project Actions button on the right side of the window, delete them in one action.

Currently, Project Views based on other types of components (like Acquisitions, Stewardships, etc.) don't have bulk actions, but stay tuned for new features there in the very near future.

Also new is the Search Everywhere box on the Project Views window. Search Everywhere now searches through Projects and all other components for your keyword. This makes it a lot easier to navigate into a specific component of project.

Search Everywhere also searches Contacts. So, this is the place to go if you just want to find the phone number of someone in the database, but don't want to go to a particular Project to find them.

Coming soon to Search Everywhere: Documents. Stay tuned.