Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Got Terrafirma?

If so, you'll like the new fields added today.

First, each Stewardship has a new check box under Edit Details named Insured.

Change Insured to Yes or No.

You can use this checkbox to query for Stewardships that have or haven't been added to your Terrafirma insurance policy. The good news is that for most users Stewardships = Terrafirma properties. Tracts under easement that get subdivided will each have their own Stewardships. Contiguous Tracts owned in fee and managed as a single preserve will have one Stewardship. So, the counting is done for you!

Now, when you want to track and report out issues to Terrafirma, there are a couple new fields in each Monitoring Issue - Reported On and Issue Type.

With Reported On, you can keep track of the day you reported the issue to Terrafirma. Issue Type can be used to match the "Challenge" types that Terrafirma uses. By default, these types have been loaded in for you, but you can add and tweak as necessary in Settings/Customizations/Stewardship.

Now, it's time to call up Terrafirma and ask them to support an automated way to file your reports!

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