Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Maps, New Map Features

The next time you use LANDSCAPE you'll probably notice the maps look different. I'm now using a different technology to display the map data. Here are the differences you'll notice:

  • The toolbar is along the left side.
  • The toolbar icons have changed (though all the same features are there). For example, import and export of data is still there, but the icons have changed:
  • The basemap chooser is in the same place (upper right corner), but it looks different.
  • The basemaps themselves are different. The topographical map also shows roads and building footprints where available.
  • The default basemap is now aerial imagery.
  • Markers are styled differently.
Take a look at this Knowledge Base article if you want to learn more about editing maps.

Measuring Features

There is a new feature on the map toolbar - Measure Feature.

When this tool is active, clicking on a line or polygon will pop up a window telling you the distance of the line or area and perimeter of the polygon. Be aware that very large polygons may not accurately report their areas because of the algorithm used. However, it should be accurate enough for most practical uses.

New Map

Projects now have a Map tab. This map will show the boundaries of all the Tracts in the project. You may find this map is very useful for projects used to organize many individual properties.

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