Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Project Views are Powerful

A couple months ago we enhanced the Projects list with a more flexible interface that allows you to create a list of anything in LANDSCAPE. These are called Project Views and are basically a list of results based on a query and a set of fields you want to view.

Project Views can be saved so now it is easy to have custom lists at your fingertips of things you frequently search for: Active Acquisitions, Open Tasks, Easements to Monitor, etc. Project Views are so flexible that we have removed the top-level Funding tab because it was essentially redundant; Project Views can be created to show the very same information if you want to see it.

Now, Project Views are even more powerful. In addition to being able to view all of your data in various ways, you can now do batch updating of that data.

So, let's say you just went out and monitored 5 easements and you are back in the office taking care of the paperwork. If you have a Project View showing your pending monitoring visits, you can select the ones you just monitored, click the Actions button, and set all of their Visited On dates to today in one fell swoop.

Some types of activities have special batch updates available to them. For instance, a Project View showing Stewardships has the ability to add a new pending monitoring visit to each. A Project View showing monitoring visits or management activities has the ability to add personnel to each visit or activity.

Project View results can now be exported to a spreadsheet as well. Just click the Actions button and choose Export.

Here are a few knowledge base articles related to Project Views that will get you started:

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