Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sometimes a Task is just a Task

The good folks at North Florida Land Trust reminded me this week that the simplest answer is often the right one. At least it was when it came to task lists.

The Project system in LANDSCAPE is powerful and is really good at tracking complex sets of tasks across multiple activities, but sometimes it can be a lot more than you want or need. Sometimes you just want to create a new task but have it related to the activity you are working on - whether that's a Property Acquisition, Stewardship, or even a particular Management Action.

The My Tasks window has let you create new tasks for a long time now, but it would only let you relate those tasks to an existing Project or leave them completely unrelated to anything. Further, if the task wasn't assigned to you, it wasn't possible to see it in My Tasks, so you'd have to do a special query to find it again.

To make one-off tasks more useful I'm happy to announce a few new enhancements to the My Tasks window, which is now just labelled "Tasks."

First, the tasks created in the Tasks window can now be related to nothing, the current activity, or an active project.

Second, there are new filters in the Tasks window. They let you see only tasks assigned to you, only tasks related to the current activity, and all tasks that are incomplete. Various combinations of these filters will then allow you to see everyone's tasks related to a particular activity whether or not the tasks come from a Project or are just one-off tasks created in the Tasks window.

For more details on using the Tasks window, check out this article in the Knowledge Base.