Tuesday, October 2, 2018

LANDSCAPE Mobile 2.0!

I'm excited to announce the next version of LANDSCAPE Mobile is ready!

The big new features are the ability to add and edit Management Actions in your Stewardship activities and add and edit Site Assessments in your Property Acquisitions. But, there are number of smaller enhancements as well including:

  • The main lists support auto-loading of new results as you scroll to the bottom
  • The main lists have a search feature
  • Monitoring Visit statuses can now be edited and they don't automatically disappear from the list if you change to a "Completed" status
  • Issue list has a filter to show "All" or just "Unresolved"
  • You can know take photos directly into existing geography on the maps rather than relying on your proximity to nearby points
  • Numerous bug fixes...

I've whipped up a new training video for the app. It's a little over 20 minutes and the audio has a ridiculous buzz in it, but I hope you'll still watch it.

I hope you enjoy the new features and as always, please keep the feedback coming!

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