Friday, October 26, 2018

Mapping View Results

I'm happy to report that you can now visualize the results of certain Views as a map. Just select Map from the View As dropdown list in the view editor:

Now, press the refresh button or close the editor and the results will be placed on a map instead of a table:

Clicking on a pin or polygon will display the details in a panel on the right. The fields you chose for your view will be the ones displayed in the table. The name of the result is a link that will take you to its main details page.

The map is currently available for Property Acquisitions, Stewardships, Dispositions, Tracts, Monitoring Visits, Monitoring Issues, and Management Actions.

If you display a map of Monitoring Visits, Monitoring Issues, or Management Actions, you will also see their specific geography in addition to the Tract boundaries. Because some of your results may share the same Tracts, if you click on the Tract in the map, the details pane may show multiple results:

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