Friday, February 22, 2019

Acquisition Site Assessment Objectives

Acquisition Site Assessments are a lot like Monitoring Visits on the Stewardship side of things. Typically organizations will have a checklist of things they look for during their initial site visits or environmental hazards reviews. Until now, there was no way to capture that data in LANDSCAPE, however.

I'm happy to say that Site Assessments now have their own Objectives. Just like Monitoring Visits, you can create pre-defined lists of objectives for certain kinds of Site Assessments in Settings:

Add a new list, name it, then add objectives to the list:

Site Assessment Objectives also have Groups that allow you to organize your objectives on a merged report template. You can define the Groups in the List Items section of Settings:

Back in the Acquisition's Site Assessment record, you can add objectives by choosing your list from the menu:

Once the objectives are added, you have a form view that you can use to enter your data:

If you need to add objectives that aren't included in the saved list, you can by clicking the plus button at the top of the list. If you need to tweak the objectives that are there, you can click the "Show Definitions" link to switch from the data entry view into the definitions view. From there you can change the objective properties.

If you use the LANDSCAPE Mobile app to collect Site Assessment data, the latest version will allow you to collect the objectives' data as well.

Reporting on Site Assessments

You can now query and report on Site Assessments directly as well. This allows you to create report templates specifically for Site Assessments. So, just like Monitoring Visits, you have direct access to the photos and map data of the Site Assessment without going through the Property Acquisition first. You still have access to all the Property Acquisition data in your templates though.